Cooper’s Compadres

Meet Bart and Lisa!

*Bart is on the left in both photos

These little kitties live in New York with David P.

Bart’s favorite activities include: being petted while I’m on the can; lying on my foot while I rotate it back an forth, à la My Three Sons; chasing Lisa. Bart’s favorite treat is drinking from the toilet.

Lisa’s favorite activities include: storming the desk like its the Bastille and demanding to be petted if I get within five feet of it; the kitchen windowsill; chasing Bart. Her favorite treat is drinking from my water glass.

Cooper’s Compadres

Meet Bun!

Bun (official name: Cocodot) is a 11 year old Holland dwarf rabbit. Bun lives in Ontario with Tam. He was rescued from a pet store when someone traded him in for a guinea pig. Even though the store didn’t take trade-ins, when his owners threatened to release him in the wild they took him, so now he is our little senior citizen, as most rabbits do not live this long. Go figure.

His favourite foods are carrots, apples and bananas, but he also likes lettuce and hay and his bun pellets. He doesn’t like to come out of his cage much and we have to be careful because he likes to chew on rubber items like erasers, Barbie feet and electrical cords. Danger, Bun, Danger!

He’s well behaved, even if not that prone to cuddling. He is a cutie.

Cooper’s Compadres

Three’s company!

Meet Mimi, Madison and Preston! These adorable little doggies live in New Jersey with the girlie and glamorous Talita. Preston loves dog clothes, walks, squeaky toys and treats.
Madison loves to lay down, bark at people, and treats. Mimi loves toys and treats.

Treats for the win!

Cooper’s Compadres

Meet Isabella!

This gorgeous feline lives in Maryland with Steven (who is equally gorgeous).

Psychokitty Isabella, Giver of the Vomit, Killer of Alien Crickets (and Stinkbugs), Attacker of Feet That Move in the Night, “Isabella” or “Bella” or “Isa(I’mGonnaRubYour)Belly” for short is the Best Kitteh EVER.

She likes to sleep in the sun, cover the house in cat hair and chase her catnip mouse. Even though she’s 12 years old, she still runs around the house like a crazed-out crackhead kitten sometimes. And, she is very interested in bird-watching, which is probably why she loves Cooper’s Corner so very, very much.