Adopt a Rescued Bird Month

Ozzie, Alfie and Sido were all adopted from our local rescues and Sunny, Emmy, Gordie, Lera, Felix and Harvey are all rehomed (Craigslist). They have brought so much joy and love into our lives.
If you are thinking of adding a bird to your family, please consider adopting. These birds have so much to give and deserve a second chance at a loving, forever home.

Clear the Shelters

Clear the Shelters, a nationwide pet adoption event, takes place today.
Both Alfie and Ozzie were adopted from the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services. We really hit the jackpot with these two wonderful little budgies.

We adopted Sido from Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary. Sido is sweetest cockatiel. She can’t get enough scritching and loves to be with her humans.

If you are considering adding a bird to your family, please consider adopting (rescues/shelters/craigslist). Every birdie needs another chance at a loving home.

You can read more about Clear the Shelters here.


This year we lost a dear friend, Frances Sondra Appleby. Sondra had a love for budgies and often commented on Cooper’s posts throughout the years (as Sondra, Ollie, SPBudgie, and/or SweetPea Budgie). She always had lovely things to say about the flock and was there to celebrate the good times and to offer support during the bad. Today would have been her 67th birthday. Even though we never met in person, we miss her dearly.
Here she is with her darling budgie, Sweet Pea, and with our budgies Alfie, Dewey, Gordie and Lera. I hope they are all together in paradise – happy and at peace.

On the News

Clear the Shelters Day is tomorrow. Our local news has been promoting the event by sharing photos of viewers’ pets. Of course, I had to send in a photo of Ozzie and Alfie.
Both Alfie and Ozzie were adopted from the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services.

And they made it on the news (video below)! How exciting! If you are thinking about adding a bird to your family, please consider adopting.



On the night of December 18th, our little Alfiebug passed away. Alfie had been diagnosed  by our vet with a potential kidney tumor. He had been managing well for quite some time, but in the last month the tumor finally started to affect him. His feet and legs were giving him trouble and he lost his sight. We moved him to a cage with towels on the bottom and he was given as much millet and lettuce as a budgie could want. On the 18th, it was clear that he was suffering. We were going to call the vet the next day about making that hard decision. We gave Alfie a kiss and tucked him in for the night. I always go in and check on the birds right before I turn in Рwhen I did, I found that Alfie was gone.

Alfie was our funny little fellow. He was so sweet. He loved his bells, his baths and his lettuce. And he was always running around underfoot, looking for a stray seed. I’ll be putting a video of his photos and antics up soon.

From the day we brought him home from the shelter to the evening we gave him his last kiss, every moment we spent with Alfie was a joy. Alfie, I hope you are somewhere flying freely. We love you.