Cooper’s Cutie

Meet Benji!11173685_10207108515010175_1822490889_nBenji lives in California with Maevonne.11178544_10207108512810120_1304157257_nBenji is a male budgie, about 2.5 years old. He is pretty mellow, loves the camera, chirps and sings, and talks. Benji has a human flock and is very spoiled and sweet. This “Budgie Extraordinaire” even has his own facebook page and YouTube channel!11178449_10207108513730143_551844362_nBenji’s interests include: tossing wiffle balls and bells off his cagetop, nibbling on ropes and strings, trying to climb into the laptop and TV screens, watching and chirping along to basketball games and running water, taking naps with Mom – snoozing all tucked in under her chin, running away when it’s bath time, pole dancing, harassing Perry the Plastic Budgie and eating millet.11118107_10207108515490187_1923121731_nBenji in action:

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is 2 Many Parakeets by Raymond Mullikin.2manyIn 2 Many Parakeets, Rainbow the budgie’s life changes when a new bird moves in. Though Rainbow was lonely, he is not too sure about the new addition. Eddie tries to make friends, but Rainbow wants nothing to do with him. Eddie doesn’t give up though, and manages to find Eddie in all of his hiding spots. Will Rainbow ever accept Eddie as a friend?2many2Cooper loved the big, colorful illustrations and rhyming text in this book. She liked that the budgies had the run of the house, but wasn’t too keen on the fly that Eddie wanted to share (she would much rather have millet). Eddie and Rainbow are real birds and there are photos of them at the end of the book. While Cooper doesn’t think there is such a thing as 2 many parakeets, she enjoyed the story and was glad the budgies became pals at the end.