In the Spotlight – Felix

Felix is still a feisty fellow. You are as likely to get a kiss as a bite.

Felix pals around with Ozzie (when Ozzie isn’t chasing him away from the females). He loves sinking his beak into balsa and shredding the marshmallows. He feels right at home in Sido’s cage (when she’s not in it). Felix is a very fast flyer – and is usually the first one out of the cage. We love our little Felix – even when he is nippy.

In the Spotlight – Emmy

Emmy – the baby.

Emmy has really been widening her horizons this year. Lately, the budgie I find on my shoulder isn’t Cooper, but Emmy! What a brave little budgie she is becoming.

Emmy is the most playful of the flock. She can be very loud. If it’s time for seeds or mash, you will know by her chirps. She will also call out to Sido if Sido is in the living room.
Emmy enjoys: being with Ozzie, making a mess with her mash and taking naps on the platform perch. She is the softest, fluffiest little pookie and puts up with constant kisses.

In the Spotlight – Sido

It’s difficult to get a photo of Sido. She does not like the camera. And she is always in motion.

Sido loves a bath and will nibble her toys, but she is happiest when she is on a human or receiving scritches (which we are happy to give).

She also likes to hang out with Harry on the couch, or take a nap on my lap. She is our little darling.

In the Spotlight – Sunny

We noticed that Sunny had been having difficulty flying in 2018, so we took her to the vet a couple times to have her checked out. She was put on pain meds, but she still wasn’t flying. She had an x-ray and no broken bones were found – so we think she may have arthritis.¬†

She does not seem to be in pain, and gets around the cage easily (she is a pro at climbing). However, the budgies’ flight cage is large and it is quite a fall from the top perches (where everybirdie wants to be). We bought ladders and more perches and arranged them¬† very close together so she could hop from one to another. Yet, she would still occasionally fall. So, now Sunny has her very own cage. She visits the girls in the big cage, and gets time to run around on the floor, but now we can breathe a little more easily that she won’t fall and hurt herself.

Aside from the not-flying Sunny is the picture of health. Here she is ringing in the new year in her new cage. We call it Sunny’s condo. She has just started taking little naps on the bottom of the cage. A habit I think she picked up from Emmy.