365 days of Felix

One year ago, today, we brought home this little guy.nbFelix is a wonderful little budgie. It took him a while to step up. But now he does so readily. He may or may not give a nip, though. When he’s distracted, I’ve even managed to sneak in a kiss

Felix loves the ladies, but none of the girls have returned his affections. Yet. Who knows what the future holds… He is a very handsome fellow.felix1year

Cooper’s Cutie

Meet Lyta! Lyta lives in Australia with Celyia.

Hi, folks! Thought I’d take a minute to introduce you to the new woman in my life, Lyta. Lyta, why don’t you say hi to these good people?
Do I have to?
Yes. Come on, baby girl. Don’t be shy.
I’m not shy. I’ve just got better thi–
Lyyyyyta! Don’t be rude!
Fine. Fine. Hi.1There we go. Thanks. Hey, I don’t suppose you’d be willing to, I don’t know, look less angry? There’d be some millet in it for you.2
Come on? Even just a little? A smile won’t kill you.
No, I am pretty sure it will.3Uh, okay. Um. Oh! I see that you’re starting to grow your tailfeathers out! They look wonderful. I noticed that your tail was really short when you moved in here. Any reason for the change?
It’s just the way I roll. Being out in the wild, man? It’s a whole ‘nother jungle, if you know what I mean. Long feathers just get in the way–4
Really? I know you were out there on your own for a while, so there was some concern that something happened to you in the great outdoors.
BAH! Nothing happened. They ain’t called the great outdoors for nothin’, woman.

If that’s true, then where did you lose the tip of your toe?
In the neck of the last person who tried to interview me. Where’s my pay for this gig, anyway? Millet, please.
Of course, of course. I appreciate you taking the time to come talk with us today. Any parting thoughts for our readers?5
No. *nom nom nom*
And that’s a wrap! Thank you for reading and have a great day!