Vote for Nubs!

Cooper’s friend Nubs is entered in PetVote’s Cutest Pet (January 2015) contest.voteIf Nubs wins, the prize money will got to the NUBS organization. You can see more of Nubs on his website or on facebook.n2Click HERE to vote. Voting is free and you can vote once every 24 hours. Voting ends in 14 days.423931_532758130103183_2036983873_nIf you have a moment, please vote for Nubs. This little fellow has come a long way and is helping so many. And all on one foot!n1

Harvey meets the flock

We moved Harvey’s cage into the birdroom (might as well just start calling my office this) on Saturday. He’s not stepping up yet, but is close. As soon as he does, he’ll move into the big cage.

Cooper met Harvey first (she’s the calmest of the budgies). We let her visit him when he was in the living room. It wasn’t a love match, but she did let him feed her.c1Meeting Sunny. Two little lemon heads.sOzzie and Cooper.choAlfie wasn’t that interested in Harvey. But he was interested in Harvey’s shiny bell.alfieEmmy had fun playing with the cage handle. It makes such a lovely racket when you repeatedly pick it up and drop it.emLooks like Harvey is ready to come out!
harCan’t wait until they’re all together : ).