New Toy – September

ringsIt’s the “Parrot Piñata 4-Ring” from Planet Pleasures.

cdOzzie giving the nibble test.

sunThe destruction begins.

sdMr. Handsome thinks the rings make a good backdrop for posing.

coopCooper says, “Back off – these are mine.”


Budgie Buffet

What could be more refreshing in the summer than a delicious fruit salad?

coofruitsaladCooper is always first on the scene.

canddfruitsaladChecking things out…

cdfruit2Cooper takes a nibble.

dewfruitsaladDewey tastes a strawberry.

plateSunny and Ozzie wouldn’t come near the fruit until I put it on a plate in their cage.

Of course, it was more fun to chew on the plate than the fruit.

nutSilly little birds.

Fashion Face-Off!