Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Sailor and Duckie!sdcThese two little cuties live in California with Erin.dandsSailor and Duckie will be five years old in 2014.lettuceTheir favorite treats are anything in any shade of green, celery, dandelion leaves, lettuce, broccoli, and parsley. They also love organic corn on the cob.seedDuring the day, they spend the whole time hanging out on their tree in the middle of the room staring out the window whistling at other birds as they fly by outside.napAt Christmas, mommy decorates their tree with plastic candy canes which during the whole week get slowly but violently knocked off onto the floor (where Sailor and Duckie think they belong). They both have Holiday stockings which on Christmas eve get a special surprise in each. This year the little elves at the North Pole hinted something about twine balls and millet sprays.scritchTheir favorite toy is a miniature hanging twine basket stuffed with crinkle cut shreds and beads. They love to slowly rip each and every piece of paper stuffing out and onto the carpet below. Mommy is continually refilling their basket with new shreds 🙂pinkPretty in pink.sanddGetting ready to nap.zzzZzzz.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Flyaway: How a Wild Bird Rehabber Sought Adventure and Found Her Wings by Suzie Gilbert.

flyawayIn Flyaway, Suzie Gilbert, a bird rehabilitator, shares her experiences rescuing wild birds who have been injured or abandoned. Starting small, Gilbert’s home operation, Flyaway Inc. soon grows. From songbirds to herons to raptors, we see the time and dedication it takes to nurse the injured back to health. With heart and humor she depicts the joys and sorrows that are part of caring for these wild creatures.

Cooper loved this book. She thought Gilbert did an excellent job portraying the intelligence and personalities of each bird. Cooper laughed at the birds’ antics and teared up when, in spite of all Gilbert’s efforts, a bird couldn’t pull through. Cooper admires the effort and sacrifice that rehabbers put in to save their avian friends, and cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Movie Review – The Big Year

This month’s movie is The Big Year.bigyearcThe Big Year is a comedy about three men competing to see who can beat the record for a Big Year (a competition to see who can identify the most species of North American birds in a calendar year).by1This sweet little movie stars Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black. The three men begin the film as rivals, but become friends as they each work to achieve their goals.

by2Cooper was thrilled that there were so many birds in the film. There were no budgies, however. She had to settle for a picture of a parakeet in the bird montage in the credits. Despite this slight to budgies, Cooper enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to all her human and birdie friends.

Cooper’s Compadres

Meet Mina!
m1Mina is a cobalt lineolated parakeet. She is 5 months old.m2She lives in Southern California with her best friend Cozette the budgie, her not-so best friend Oliver the parrotlet, and her two puppy brothers Brodie and Parker.m3She loves to try new foods, but will go to the end of the earth for millet! She holds food with her feet and she absolutely loves playing. Any toy will do.m4Mina is an absolute sweetheart. Her favorite person is her Mommy, me (Amber).

Coffee, Tea or Budgie?

It’s chilly out there! Why not warm yourself up with a hot cup of tea?

sunnyHere’s Sunny (what a great name!) putting the kettle on.

teaparakeet                                                  Antique parakeet tea kettle

appletree                                              Teapot/mugs from Appletree.

redstreetmusic                                       Knitted tea cozies from redstreetmusic.

vintageteapotcover                                                      Vintage tea pot cover.

royalalbert                                 Royal Albert Budgies tea cup and saucer.

pmr                         Paragon Princess Margaret Rose tea cup and saucer.

Prefer cider, coffee or hot cocoa? Why not drink it in style?

wanderlust                                                          Wanderlust mugs.

ashdeneofaustralia                                                    Ashdene of Australia

8477431822_bc1ecc5f89_o                   Hey, it’s that mug from Paperchase that’s been discontinued! Boo!

joclarkdesign                                                             Jo Clark.

AtoriE                     AtoriE budgie mug from our friend Eriko’s Boutique Sweet Birdie.

garylarson                                                                  Gary Larson

catherinesummers                                           Espresso cup by Catherine Summers.