Gordie Update

Gordie has come a long way since we first brought him home. gfeathersHe went through a moult, losing his clipped feathers. His new flight feathers are almost all in.goutHe’s interacting with the budgies and the toys. He even took a bath the other day. No more sitting quietly in one spot for Gordie! He’s become quite the chatterer and can screech just as loudly as the rest of the budgies. He’s started coming out of the cage as well. Before he would race back and forth in the cage trying to keep up with the budgies who were running about on top of the cage. He finally worked up his courage and flew out. It was very exciting. What a brave budgie!

Gordie is still working on his flying. I think once all his feathers are in he’ll be able to get the lift he wants. Right now his flying has a waggling quality. But he does his best to keep up with his buddy, Ozzie (he follows Ozzie around like a puppy).goThat’s Gordie on the right – these two look like twins!

Happy Birthday Ozzie!

1Ozzie turned 2(ish) today. The birthday boy was not into posing with his cupcake. This is the best we could do.2Here is Ozzie with his birthday presents –  a chew thingie and mirror rings. The budgies feasted on lettuce (Ozzie’s favorite).3Except for Emmy – who was more into destroying the lettuce. Good thing Ozzie ate his fill before she started flinging it around the cage.