Budgies on TV

Bewitched.bewitched1Ling Ling: season 1 (episode 21)bew2Samantha turns a Siamese cat into a model for Darrin’s new campaign. Of course, hilarity ensues. But who cares!  It’s all about Tweety the parakeet. Mrs. Kravitz, the neighborhood busybody (who can’t be all that bad – she has a budgie) puts Tweety out for a sun bath. When she finds an empty cage, she thinks that Tweety may have become a cat snack. Luckily, Tweety just flew away. With Samantha’s help, Tweety flies back into her cage, and all is well.

Full episode here.

Farewell, little one.

nubsmemThere is sad news in the budgie world. Nubs, the little one-footed budgie, has passed away. Nubs, who overcame a sad beginning, was adopted and went on to help found The House of Nubs organization. With his human and animal friends, he worked hard to teach children who have been through trauma, hope and resilience. He also campaigned for animal adoption. Nubs has encouraged and inspired many and will be much missed. His legacy lives on though The House of Nubs. You can learn more about the organization here or on facebook.