Awesome Aviaries

The aviary at the Kechara Forest Retreat, Malaysia.

The aviary was created for birds which have been rescued by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche and his students.
“The aviary was built to provide maximum comfort, enjoyment, safety and care for our birds. The beautifully landscaped interior has perches, trees, plants, Buddha statues, heat lamps, lighting, toys, and a feeding trench. The melodious chanting of mantras permeates the air, bringing blessings to the birds and insects within the aviary and its environs.”
There is also a smaller aviary, where they quarantine birds who are ill or who have been abused/neglected.

Budgies at Kechara.


Which bird is right for you?

Are you thinking of adopting a bird?
MyBird (with Birdhism) has a little quiz you can take to let you know which bird is right for you.

After you get your results, there is information on how to care for your new bird and even links to rescues where you can adopt.

So take the quiz and let Cooper know which type of bird is right for you!


September 10, 2017
While checking I-95 this morning for stranded motorists, Cpl. Laff of Post 23-Brunswick stopped with a vehicle near mile post 10 in Camden County. The vehicle had been left unattended for approximately twelve hours. Inside the vehicle was a bird cage with five parakeets. Animal control was unable to respond and take possession of the birds. Cpl. Laff, being an avid animal lover, made the command decision to remove the birds from the vehicle and relocate them to Post 23. A tip of the Trooper hat to Cpl. Laff, Post 23’s Pet Detective!
– From the Georgia Department of Public Safety facebook page