Quarantine is Up! Part Three

Gordie moved into the big cage today.1He seems to be doing pretty well. He’s been keeping to himself, but has been chirping and investigated one of the toys. He sticks to one spot and avoids the other budgies, but I’m hoping they’ll all warm up to each other quickly.2Emmy came out of the cage and bonked into a wall. Eesh. She seems to be doing better flying around, though. It helps to have Ozzie show her how to navigate the room.3Emmy moved to the quarantine cage. Just until I finger tame her. It’s impossible to do in the big cage. Ozzie will visit and sleep there (and show her that stepping up is easy). As soon as Emmy moves back into the big cage, it will be Lera’s turn to meet the budgies. Jeez, we have a lot of budgies!

Quarantine is up!

We moved Gordie’s cage into the budgies’ room.2Sunny flew over to check out the new guy.1Cooper was next.3Gordie was pretty calm about all these budgies giving him the once over.4The boys (Alfie and Ozzie) finally came over to see what the fuss was about.5Once we’re sure there won’t be any fighting, Gordie will move into the big cage. Hurray!