Movie review – The Life of Birds

This month’s movie is The Life of Birds.

l1The Life of Birds is a 10 episode BBC documentary presented by the wonderful David Attenborough. The series travels the globe and explores the many facets of bird life. Flight, gathering food, communication, mating and rearing offspring and survival are just some of the topics discussed in this informative and entertaining series. Cooper was not allowed to watch the somewhat disturbing “Meat Eaters” episode in case it would give her nightmares.

l2Cooper absolutely loved this series. She was thrilled when they focused on the budgerigar and it’s fluorescent cheek patches and feet.

l3And this budgie quoted Hamlet. Cooper was disappointed though, that the budgies only appeared in only 45 seconds of this ten hour series. Especially because budgies are so fascinating. Perhaps one day there will be a BBC series on the life of budgies…