Cooper’s Compadres

Meet Bun!

Bun (official name: Cocodot) is a 11 year old Holland dwarf rabbit. Bun lives in Ontario with Tam. He was rescued from a pet store when someone traded him in for a guinea pig. Even though the store didn’t take trade-ins, when his owners threatened to release him in the wild they took him, so now he is our little senior citizen, as most rabbits do not live this long. Go figure.

His favourite foods are carrots, apples and bananas, but he also likes lettuce and hay and his bun pellets. He doesn’t like to come out of his cage much and we have to be careful because he likes to chew on rubber items like erasers, Barbie feet and electrical cords. Danger, Bun, Danger!

He’s well behaved, even if not that prone to cuddling. He is a cutie.

Out and about

My adorable nephew Cole came over the other day.

Here he is with Cooper and Dewey.

We went to Seaport Village. One of the local bird rescue organizations brought their birds out.

Here’s Cole posing with a sun conure.

We got a couple of balloon animals. Cole got Pluto and I got a budgie. Well, it’s supposed to be a budgie. The balloon guy didn’t know what a parakeet was (!), so this was the best he could do.