Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Mallorn!MALLORN 023_zpsv6r3jpkkMallorn lives by the Rocky Mountains with Gigi. Mally_zpsajtz2a0cShe is two years old and her favorite activities are watching movies or distracting me from my work : ). And, she can get really cross with me if I touch her toys or forget to tell her where I’m going. MALLORN 031_zpsygbfn1m4She loves eating romaine lettuce and her favorite treat is cheese. Mally enjoys beeping like our microwave and likes to take baths in her water bowl, usually on freezing cold days when bathing doesn’t make sense. GE DIGITAL CAMERAShe adores my violin playing and occasionally practices the art of stealing food! 041_zpsmfbdehyq

Vet Visit

Yesterday we took Lera and Harvey to the vet. Harvey needed a nail trim and Lera needed a beak trim. We also wanted the vet to take a look at Harvey’s beak. His lower beak is missing a little portion. I didn’t notice this when we brought him home – his feathers cover it up and he has have his beak open to see it.beakThe vet has two office cats, Harry and Lloyd. Lloyd was fascinated by the budgies. Eesh.cat1After an attempt to get up close and personal, he wandered off.cat2But not too far. Good try Lloyd, but we still see you.waitingHere are the budgies waiting for the vet. Harvey was very sweet to Lera – sticking close by her side and grooming her. examHarvey went first. The vet gave him an exam and filed down the little sharp point on the edge of his lower beak. It may or may not grow back – but we’ll keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t grow back strangely (jagged or in towards his mouth). After his nail trim, it was Lera’s turn.

We’re not sure what caused Lera’s beak to grow. We think it may have been from trauma. She might have bonked it – she did have some discoloration on it a little while back. But we wanted to rule out liver disease or anything else that might be going on. Her beak was clipped and filed and she was ready to go.

Before (it actually got a little longer than in this photo):lbeakbeforeAfter:after Harvey after his pedicure:hafterThe budgies were pretty calm throughout all the budgiehandling. I think it helped that they had each other for support. When we got home they both preened their ruffled feathers and took long naps. And of course, they had some millet as a reward for being such brave little budgies : ).