Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is The Adventures of Tutu the Parakeet by Norma Green.1The book begins with a little blue budgie in a pet shop. He wonders who will take him home. He hopes it’s the little man with the sailor cap who brings treats when he visits. He dreams of traveling the seas with him. Unfortunately, he ends up going home with a rambunctious little girl and her family.

The little girl names him Tutu, insists that he’s a girl and gives him cold showers in her doll bathtub. After some neglect, Tutu becomes ill and is taken to the vet. The vet gives the little girl a lesson in caring for her pet, and things seem to be better for Tutu. But an open door provides Tutu with the chance to find the little man and live the life of his dreams. Will Tutu find the little man and live happily ever after?

Cooper loved this book (she is partial to books starring blue budgies). She thought Tutu was very brave. He certainly had lots of adventures – from being in a pet show, to escaping and surviving in the “wild”. And just when things seem to be bad, they get worse! Cooper was relieved the book had a happy ending and that Tutu found the love he deserved. We may never know what budgies think and feel, but The Adventures of Tutu the Parakeet gives the reader an idea of what it just might be like to be a tiny budgie.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Clouds and Sky!1Clouds and Sky live in New Zealand with Dee.2Clouds thinks he is a very important gentleman and therefore should be treated as such. He does not play, does not shred or climb. He would never debase himself by using his swing but he loves talking to it. In fact, talking and singing are the only ways he interacts with objects. 3His recent moult has turned him into a grumpy old curmudgeon… But we are not fooled: underneath all that snootiness he is really just a cute little bird who hasn’t yet seen his first birthday.

4Sky, on the other side of the spectrum, has all the cuteness and playfulness of the baby he is. He is a very confident little bird, whose joyful spirit and eagerness to bond are being sorely tested by Clouds’ aloofness at the moment. But we are quite confident that his natural happiness will conquer eventually. 5Sky loves nibbling and climbing. His favourite move is getting stuck between the side of the cage and the feeders.

Birthday Budgie

Look who’s two(ish)!birthdayHere he is with his new toy. I put up the divider so he could have some time with it alone. He went in to “destructo” mode right away. The orange bar was gone in no time.f2Felix is currently on meds for avian gastric yeast – so his face feathers are a little yellow at the moment. He seems to be doing much better. Right now he’s enjoying his birthday millet.

Happy birthday Felix – we love you!