Cooper’s Compadres

Meet Angel!Angel lives in Pennsylvania with Mama Polt (Polt’s mom!).

  • Angel is 13 years old – which is really old in dog years.
  • She likes to sleep.
  • The only trick she knows is the following: hold one of her toys out to her, snap your fingers and say “down” – she sits, then lies down, and then rolls over on her side.
  • She likes to chase any toy, and will retrieve any of them when they’re thrown. When she was younger, she’d do it until your arm fell off, now that she’s older, about two times and she’s done.
  • She likes to run in the backyard, but again, not as much as she used to.
  • Pupperoni’s are her favorite treat.
  • She sleeps in her cage, and likes to retreat there to rest if there are rambunctious kids wearing her out.
  • She likes to take walks around the block while wearing her over-the shoulders leash.

Cooper’s Compadres

Meet Eliza!

Eliza lives in New York with Craig*.

I found Eliza through and adopted her from a local rescue shelter a few weeks ago. The elderly couple that owned her previously could no longer take care of her. She is a four year old tabby/Abyssinian mix and pretty much the most perfect cat on the face of the planet. If she isn’t moving from window to window (planning her escape?), she’s in my lap. She is the epitome of a lap cat. Any lap will do too since she’s extremely friendly and warms up to anyone willing to give her a rub and a scratch.

*Today also happens to be Craig’s birthday – Happy birthday Craig!

Cooper’s Compadres

Meet Riley!
Riley is just one of four pooches who live in Colorado with Elizabeth.

Riley’s nickname is Bubba. His favorite treat is milk from the glass that I’m drinking from – and he will beg until I give in. I always save him the last little bit because I love to watch him stick his little head all the way into the glass to get the milk. I’m pretty sure his favorite activity is being groomed by his big sister Kota, or if he’s with me, he loves to torment Dixie. He stands on the couch in my lap and grrrrs his little grrrr and she is deathly afraid of him. He also loves standing on tables and sleeping in laps.

Too cute!

Cooper’s Compadres

Meet Bart and Lisa!

*Bart is on the left in both photos

These little kitties live in New York with David P.

Bart’s favorite activities include: being petted while I’m on the can; lying on my foot while I rotate it back an forth, à la My Three Sons; chasing Lisa. Bart’s favorite treat is drinking from the toilet.

Lisa’s favorite activities include: storming the desk like its the Bastille and demanding to be petted if I get within five feet of it; the kitchen windowsill; chasing Bart. Her favorite treat is drinking from my water glass.

Cooper’s Compadres

Meet Bun!

Bun (official name: Cocodot) is a 11 year old Holland dwarf rabbit. Bun lives in Ontario with Tam. He was rescued from a pet store when someone traded him in for a guinea pig. Even though the store didn’t take trade-ins, when his owners threatened to release him in the wild they took him, so now he is our little senior citizen, as most rabbits do not live this long. Go figure.

His favourite foods are carrots, apples and bananas, but he also likes lettuce and hay and his bun pellets. He doesn’t like to come out of his cage much and we have to be careful because he likes to chew on rubber items like erasers, Barbie feet and electrical cords. Danger, Bun, Danger!

He’s well behaved, even if not that prone to cuddling. He is a cutie.