This month’s movie is Bill and Coo.

Bill and Coo (made in 1948) is a cute little movie about a small town made up of birds. When the “Black Menace” (a crow) terrorizes the town, it is up to Bill (a lovebird) to save his sweetie, Coo, and the rest of the townfolk (or townflock, as it were).

Cooper thought this movie was amazing. She loved all the stunts that the birds performed. She especially liked that there were so many budgies in the film.

This little budgie was her favorite.

Cooper’s book report

Willie Was Different by Norman Rockwell

Willie the wood thrush is awkward and different. Deep down inside, though, he knows he is a genius. So he leaves his family behind to go out into the world. He meets Miss Polly, the town librarian. He discovers his musical genius while singing along with Miss Polly’s flute. Soon, fame finds him. But will acclaim and admiration make Willie happy?

Cooper enjoyed this book. It was a cute story and the illustrations were wonderful. She didn’t understand why Willie would give up being a celebrity, though…