Cooper’s Book Report


This month’s book is The Widow and the Parrot by Virginia Woolf. Woolf wrote the story for her two young nephews to include in their family newsletter. The illustrations were done by her grand nephew.

The book is about a poor widow who is left an inheritance by her brother (a house and a sum of money). She travels to another village to find that the house is in shambles, and the money is non-existent. What is left for her is a grey parrot named James. Though she is advised to sell the parrot, she befriends and cares for him. Her kindness pays off when James saves her life and guides her to the small fortune her miserly brother had hidden away under the kitchen floor. James, the widow, and her dog live out the rest of their days in comfort.

vw1Cooper enjoyed this book. The story was sweet and she liked the message that being kind pays off in the end. Her favorite part of the book was when James saves the widow from freezing to death in the night.

Introducing Sunny

We put Sunny’s cage in the same room with the other budgies.

bmeetThey seemed excited to see each other.

meetThen we let Cooper, Dewey and Ozzie out (while Sunny was in her cage) to see how they would behave. Cooper seemed indifferent and Ozzie preferred to play with the string of a toy, but Dewey was fascinated with Sunny. I think he’s in looooooove. And fickle! He’s supposed to be Cooper’s boyfriend…

Hopefully, Sunny will see how we interact with the other budgies and become tamer. She’ll step up while she’s in her cage, but not when she’s out of it.