Did you know that January is “Adopt a Bird Month”?cageMeet Gordie – our newest addition! We found Gordie (we named him after Gordie Howe – Mr. Hockey) on Craigslist. Here he is in his quarantine cage.gordieGordie is approximately 5 years old and has had at least two former owners. His previous owner did a great job taming him after acquiring him from some neglectful owners. He loves to sit on shoulders, but is wary of stepping up. We’ll try to work on that.hgHarry is going to be a favorite perch. It’s good to be tall! This little budgie is a sweetie, and I can’t wait for him to meet the rest of the flock.

*The fact that he is blue is a just a coincidence! Gordie was the first budgie we saw on the animal shelter sites/Craigslist.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Kacey!kKacey lives in England with Laura.k3 Kacey is 5 months old – she was born 25/7/13.k1She loves to play with her little plastic budgie and treats it like a baby. She also loves her disco ball.k6

Kacey can talk now. She says “Hello” and “baby” and “pretty girl”. She absolutely loves seed and honey sticks as a treat but she won’t touch fruit and veg. She has quite a personality and has bonded with me and won’t entertain anyone else. I suppose she is quite shy.k5 She does love my two shih tzu’s and will watch them chase each other around the room. k4

Emmy meets the flock

Even though Emmy isn’t finger tame (or even close to being so), we put her cage in the same room with the rest of the flock. We thought maybe Emmy’s presence would be a bit of a distraction for the budgies.

ceCooper didn’t seem too curious about the new girl.

aAlfie showed some initial interest, so I put him in the cage with her. But he just wanted to play with her toy.

fI took all the budgies out to visit.

sleepThey promptly fell asleep.

Poor Emmy – she so wants to be with them, and goes nuts climbing all over the cage to get to them. But the budgies just don’t seem to be interested. Maybe it’s because she’s so young.

oThank goodness for Ozzie. He’s our little welcome wagon. He’ll fly over and visit occasionally with her. What a little sweetie.