Birthday Budgie

Look who is 11(ish)!

Here’s the hatchday girl with her present.

And here she is celebrating with millet.

Sunny has had a tough couple of weeks. She’s had two vet visits, one to have fluid withdrawn from her abdomen and one due to vomiting and listlessness. She is doing much better and is just now finishing up a course of antibiotics. Until she is in the clear, she is hanging out in her condo. So no having to share her millet and toys : ).
Happy hatchday Sunnybuns – we love you!

Sunny Days

On Friday I noticed that Sunny was a bit lethargic and her breathing was labored. Luckily, Harry was able to make an appointment with the vet the next day. Sunny has an abdominal bulge (most likely an enlarged organ) and occasionally needs to have fluid withdrawn. The vet withdrew quite a bit of fluid and gave her a lupron injection.

She was immediately better. And so were we!

Here she is looking more herself, bright and sunny.

Spotlight on…


Sunny (who is at least 9 now) has arthritis and no longer flies. She gets plenty of exercise, though, by running around on the floor with the flock. When she is ready to go back into the flight cage, she steps onto our feet and looks up at us. She is very polite. At night, Sunny sleeps in her “condo” so that she does not fall off a high perch.
Sunny (aka Bunny, Sunnybuns or Bunnerz) is our gentle little sweetheart. She loves chewing on balsa and cuttlebones. Her favorite activity is taking a bath and she goes nuts when we spritz her. I think she would spend all day bathing if she could.
Sunny definitely brings light into our lives.