All Together Now

Emmy and Felix finally moved into the big cage. Felix pals around with Gordie, but is a little standoffish with the others. I think Emmy wanted to be alpha female, but Lera shut that down pretty quickly. Both are doing well and seem to enjoy being with the flock. And I enjoy having only one cage to clean : ).

Felix and friends.ff2Felix and Lera – pastel parakeets.f3Emmy and her beau, Ozzie.e1Hanging out with Cooper.e2e3

Birthday Budgie

It’s Gordie’s birthday! We’re not sure just how old he is – maybe 5 or 6?gordiebdaycolor * Click on this link: GordieBirthday for a printable picture that you can color.

Gordie’s favorite place when he’s out and about is the playgym on top of the bookcase.g1It’s getting a little chewed up, so for his birthday Gordie got a brand new (bigger) play gym. I’m going to switch out some of the perches with natural branches and add some toys.g2Of course, the flock celebrated with everybudgie’s favorite – millet!g3Happy birthday Gordie! We love you!

Cooper’s Bloopers

What? No bloopers? Cooper has become such a super little model that we didn’t have any bloopers this month. So instead, here are some pics of the flock opening wide and saying, “Ahhh.” Or, “ACK!”




leraswingShe looks sweet, doesn’t she? Who would have thought little Lera (and she is so tiny) would rule the roost? All the budgies make way for Lera. If she sees something she wants, it’s hers. I never see her pecking at the others, so I don’t know how she does it…gordiecloseupGordie is up to speed with the other budgies now. He comes out on his own, eats his veggies, chatters (loudly), takes baths and pals around with Ozzie. His favorite spot to hang out is on the playgym on top of the bookshelf. And now, when we peer into the cage, he comes right up to the bars to visit. And very recently, he’s become close with Lera! I’ve caught him feeding her and they’ve been preening each other. They’re not inseparable/loveydovey, but I’m glad that he has a little

Gordie Update

Gordie has come a long way since we first brought him home. gfeathersHe went through a moult, losing his clipped feathers. His new flight feathers are almost all in.goutHe’s interacting with the budgies and the toys. He even took a bath the other day. No more sitting quietly in one spot for Gordie! He’s become quite the chatterer and can screech just as loudly as the rest of the budgies. He’s started coming out of the cage as well. Before he would race back and forth in the cage trying to keep up with the budgies who were running about on top of the cage. He finally worked up his courage and flew out. It was very exciting. What a brave budgie!

Gordie is still working on his flying. I think once all his feathers are in he’ll be able to get the lift he wants. Right now his flying has a waggling quality. But he does his best to keep up with his buddy, Ozzie (he follows Ozzie around like a puppy).goThat’s Gordie on the right – these two look like twins!

Quarantine is Up! Part Three

Gordie moved into the big cage today.1He seems to be doing pretty well. He’s been keeping to himself, but has been chirping and investigated one of the toys. He sticks to one spot and avoids the other budgies, but I’m hoping they’ll all warm up to each other quickly.2Emmy came out of the cage and bonked into a wall. Eesh. She seems to be doing better flying around, though. It helps to have Ozzie show her how to navigate the room.3Emmy moved to the quarantine cage. Just until I finger tame her. It’s impossible to do in the big cage. Ozzie will visit and sleep there (and show her that stepping up is easy). As soon as Emmy moves back into the big cage, it will be Lera’s turn to meet the budgies. Jeez, we have a lot of budgies!

Quarantine is up! Part Two

Gordie came out of his cage today to meet the budgies face to face.oHere he is with Ozzie (that’s Emmy down below). Ozzie was a little aggressive, so we put him back in the cage.aAt first, Gordie just sat in one spot. Here he is with Alfie.allIt wasn’t too long before he joined the others. Here he is meeting the girls. He seemed perkier being with the budgies – following them around and chirping.pinAll the excitement must have tuckered him out. When we put him back in his cage, he went right to sleep. Of course, growing out all those pinnies takes a lot of energy as well!