New Play Gym

The budgies have a new play gym.pgThis is how it came. pg2We changed it up a bit by adding a grapevine perch and some new toys.sunSunny went right into destructo mode.leraLera sitting pretty by the bell.coopCooper hanging out on the swing. The boys enjoyed the gym, too. But they were so active all their photos were blurry. Busy, busy budgies!

Lera joins the flock

Lera recently moved into the big cage.lcageShe loves to hang out on the grapevine perch.loShe’s getting along well with the other budgies. Here she is checking out Ozzie (our little welcome wagon).lo2She even ventured out. Her flying needs work. But then, she only has two fully grown flight feathers.lcHere she is with Cooper.lgymUntil she can keep up with the others, she seems happy to spend time on the play gym.lsleepHer first day with the flock was a busy one. It may have actually been too exciting. The next day she was fluffed up and slept a lot. I was worried she was sick (no more sick budgies!). But I think she was just stressed out from the move. We kept her warm and quiet and she rallied back the next day.lIt’s been fun watching her coming out of her shell to interact with the flock and play with the toys. She even nibbled some broccoli after watching all the others chowing down on their florets. What a cutie she is!


I woke up to this on the bottom of the cage today!bloodThere was also blood on the perches and splattered on the wall. It looked like a crime scene! I checked all the budgies and it turned out it was Alfie. He had a bloody foot.toeI had to clean him up a little to find out exactly what was going on. Which started the bleeding again. Turns out he had broken a toenail.kwikI applied styptic powder  on his toe to stop the bleeding. Always good to have on hand! Budgies can’t afford to lose a lot of blood, and can bleed out quickly. Cornstarch (or flour, in a pinch) can also be used to stop bleeding from a broken toenail or blood feather. If the bleeding doesn’t stop – take your budgie to the vet quickly.

The bleeding soon stopped and I put the divider in the cage so Alfie could have some quiet time to recover. bellNot that he needed it. He ate his fill of millet (a treat for being such a good patient) and then started playing with his beloved bell. What a little clown.