Budgies on TV

The Big Bang Theory

The Hot Troll Deviation (Season 4, Episode 4).

Howard asks Penny to help him win back Bernadette, and Raj and Sheldon have an office war. But who cares?! It’s all about the budgie. Raj brings a budgie into the office because he knows Sheldon is afraid of birds. The shenanigans escalate until there is an explosion. Luckily, the little blue budgie makes it out alive.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Pixel and Kiwi! 

These adorable little fellows live in the U.S.

Kiwi is a 4 year old budgie who was hand-raised. Within 2 months of taking him home, he quickly started to learn words and phrases. Kiwi was 3 years old when his owners brought him home a companion, Pixel!

Pixel is also hand-raised and came from the same breeder.

You can see more of Kiwi and Pixel on their facebook page, Kiwi and Pixel the Parakeets.

They also have a YouTube channel!  youtube.com/kiwiandpixeltheparakeets.

Jewelry – Green Budgies

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow – don’t forget to put on something green!

ArtoftheMoment on Etsy – green glass budgie ring.

Toriko on Creema – green budgie earrings.Joy Everly Jewelers – green budgerigar necklace.

Erstwilder – Victor the Verbose green budgie brooch.

Minne – green budgie bracelet.WhenLauraMeetsClay on Etsy – green budgie zipper charm.